Phantasm Orgasm Thiolised IPA

New birthday beer!


Innovative new flavors for birthday beer.

It’s time to celebrate! A new birthday beer also requires new flavors. Phantasm powder is a powder obtained from the skins of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and is loaded with thiols – aromatic compounds that give an intense fruit aroma. Phantasm uses a variety of thiol-rich hops and techniques to maximize their extraction from all foods at all stages of brewing. This weekend we are celebrating our 9th birthday with the new Phantasm Orgasm beer.

This thiolated IPA was made with the mission of releasing maximum fruit flavors from all ingredients and production processes. Thiolized yeast from White Labs was used to release these aromatic compounds from malt, hops: Mosaic Cryo, Citra Cryo, Nectaron and Saaz and from Phantasm powder obtained from the skins of Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. The result is a fruity orgasm with 6.7% alc. The celebration starts this Friday, May 5. in the Craft Room at 19:00 and continues for the weekend in other Craft locations!

Beer is also available in 500ml bottles on our web shop.

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