Matija Mrazek is the first certified beer judge in Croatia!

The co-owner of Varionica, Matija Mrazek, became the first certified beer judge in Croatia according to the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program)!


After years of education, work, tasting and judging, it was time for a new step that further fueled the passion for studying everything related to beer and for promoting beer culture in Croatia. The exam is held in 2 parts. The theory is taken online and is a prerequisite for taking the live exam where the beers are tasted and rated. BJCP is an organization from the USA that organizes exams for judges in Europe at just a few locations throughout the year. The exam in Bratislava took place in the first month and the results were sent to the USA for evaluation, from where they arrived this week (We know that Matija has ugly handwriting, but we did not expect that they would try to figure it out for 6 months) ­čśë

I don’t know about you, but we’re going to toast now! ­čÖé


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